Judy Reed

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Judy Reed is a San Francisco native. She graduated from San Francisco State University in 1970 with a BA

in art, emphasizing photography and art history.

Since 1975, in addition to fine art photography, the studios of Judy Reed Photography has served a

variety clients: advertising agencies, public relations firms, magazines and individuals.

Guided by the mantra “To see the world in a Grain of Sand” Reed explores several themes in her

personal work: times passed, times enjoyed, and the power of creating images that provoke response,

intellectual, spiritual, or simply the recognition of the human condition, of this time, of that place.

Recent work, “Deconstructions: Series Warhol” came to light in 2009. The series was inspired by Warhol

silkscreen images and are a unique, contemporary take on his iconic cans. As Judy prepared for a spring

art show in San Francisco she stated, “the cans felt like the times we were all experiencing, and they

resound off the work of the Pop artists that celebrated the materialistic abundance culture of the 60’s.”

Her show was a hit and Reed’s enlarged versions of the cans became an instant success.

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